congrats for signing up!

I’m Tony Tikiku and along with Jono Debbage and Albie Albiston, we will be helping with the adult learn to row.

We are using the Heja app to plan training sessions. Please go and download this app, as its the only way to keep you up to date.

Step 1. Download Heja

Please click this link (while on your phone), download the app & join Adult Rowing 22/23 Heja only works on a phone.
Then click on schedule and for a date, select if you are ‘going’ or ‘not going’. You can also click on the date to get more details eg who else is going etc.
There is no need to message if you can or can not make it. Just please note ‘Going’ if you are turning up, so we can better plan boats.


We usually row at 10am on a Sunday and Wednesday 6pm. When we put up other sessions (if the water is flat – great for rowing) we will announce this in the Heja app as well.

Step 2. $$$

Hey, this is not a $$ money exercise. We are all volunteers at the club. But we do have costs for running the club. So try a few sessions and we will send you an invoice at some stage. If you couldn’t get down, then no worries, just ignore the invoice. THanks for giving rowing a go!



PS Some links here that you might find interesting

News and Updates

Prizegiving  Video half way down.


  • Shoes that can get wet (e.g. Crocs/Scuffs/Slides/Jandals) (Essential). When launching the boats, there are shells that are quite sharp and can cut.
  • Shorts/Leggings
  • T-shirt
  • Polyprop/base layer
  • Jacket/Windbreaker
  • Towel and a change of clothes (just in case you tip in. You can shower at the club as well)
  • Socks


2 Onepoto Road, Titahi Bay, Porirua