Subscriptions for the 2023-24 Season cover the period 1st Sep 2023 – 31st August 2024. A member’s booklet for the season can be read here.

All returning members and new members must register online (refer below) with the club at the commencement of the rowing season. The rowing season begins on the 1st of September each year.

Members who are not fully paid up by the 01 November may not be permitted to represent the Club at Regattas. A payment plan is available – please contact the Club to arrange. 

​Subscription Covers:

  • Rowing New Zealand Competition Fee (if competing).
  • Wellington Rowing Association Affiliation Fee (if competing).
  • Operating costs (insurances, power, gas, software like Xero, petrol for coaching boat etc).
  • Care, maintenance and minor development of plant and facilities.
  • Purchase of new boats, equipment and facility improvements.
  • Note coaches are volunteers (freely give their time).

• Family Discount: 10% off is available for families with Two (2) or more Active memberships.

*All subscriptions are inclusive of GST

• Members who are competing at regattas during the summer.
• Includes winter training and coaching.
• Priority use of club equipment during ‘summer peak’ training times.
• Key access for training purposes is available as per conditions of PRC key policy.
• Includes Rowing New Zealand Competition Licence fee – $103.50, and Wellington Rowing Association Affiliation fee – $46.00

While the above fees cover your use of club facilities and equipment, they do not cover the cost of racing. This depend on how much racing you do and which regattas you enter. See the handbook (link at top of page) for an indication of these costs. 

• Members who intend on flexible training that don’t want to enter racing competitions.
• Includes winter training and coaching.
• Non-priority use of club equipment during ‘summer peak’ training times.
• Key access for training purposes is available as per conditions of PRC key policy.
• Eligible to race at Porirua Goodwill and other regattas where RNZ Licences are not required to enter, this will be at the discretion of Club Captain.

• Non-rowing member who steers the boat.

• Non rowing member.
• May not use the Club’s plant unless specific approval has been granted by the Club Captain.
• A Coach will be a Supporting member unless he/she is also a rower or coxswain.

*Note Coaches or Committee members are required to apply as a ‘Supporter’ member. However, the $100 is credited back to acknowledge their significant investment into the Club.

Membership Form

The google form below will close when submitted. You can scroll down after submitting to find details on how to pay.


All payments must be made by direct credit into the bank account number shown on the bottom of the invoice:  01-0546-0020388-00

Please remember to include the following details in the 3 fields provided by the banks:

Particulars: enter your account code.  This is shown on your statements and invoices and is made up as follows: the first 5 characters or surname (or less if short surname) and first character of given name.  Example David Roberts is ROBERD.

(If you don’t have an account code yet, please use the formula as explained above)

Code & Reference: can be used for any other details to help identify the nature of the payment.  A good use would be for the invoice number(s) that you are paying or a comment like ‘on a/c’ if paying by instalments.  The most important field to get right is the ‘Particulars’ field so that the correct account can be identified.


  • You are welcome to pay before you receive an invoice
  • The Club does not accept payment by cash or cheque.