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If you want to register, you can do so straight away by filling in this google form. Register for Learn to Row here.

We need to ask a bunch of stuff in the registration form including:
– What days you prefer to train (so we can coordinate rowers). Remember, there are 5 sessions per week, for 4 weeks. We recommend coming to at least 2 per week, so you can make progress. Or select all 5 if you want!
– Parents – we also need your details if your child is under 18 years old.
– Date of birth will allow us to group people eg adults with adult, school kids with school kids


School kids find that this is a great way to meet people from other schools. We mix everyone together as a Club until after National rowing championships (in February). So kids get to mix with different groups, meet different people and have friends from all over Wellington (not just the school they attend).

School kids are also surprised that rowing is a sport that starts at least age 13. And the first few years at this age are about technique. This means it’s a sport you can come late to and turn up to a learn to row, and be around kids that are at the same level.

Parents – stay at the club if you want! Maybe give it a go yourself. Or do a work out in our gym! We don’t send people the invoice until after the first week, so everyone gets to try before paying the $50.

Adults can and do start late as well. Mahe Drysdale (ex NZ Olympic and World rowing champion) started at University. Rowing is a low impact sport that provide huge aerobic benefits. Many people supplement winter sports like rugby, netball and hockey with a summer sport like rowing to improve their base fitness. Be warned, some like rowing so much, they then switch to focus on rowing!

Bonus – Try out days
Come down on Saturday or Sunday between 9-11am on 20-21st August, and 27-28th August 2022 and have a look around and try it out. No commitment – just have a look. Its like an Open Day.

Some other detail
This is an introduction to rowing where participants will learn basic rowing techniques, water safety, and basic fitness, whist having fun. This programme is suitable for complete beginners and those with some limited rowing experience.

At the end of the course the group will also have a chance to compete in fun races on Porirua Harbour with experienced members of the rowing club. Participates may then choose to join the Porirua Rowing Club and continue rowing for the duration of the competition season or join as a social member and row recreationally.

What is Rowing
Porirua Rowing Club is one of 65 rowing clubs in New Zealand and has members from several colleges around the region, from the Kapiti Coast to Tawa.

The sport of rowing also provides participants with valuable life skills such as goal setting, time management, discipline, friendship and belonging, teamwork.

Getting started in rowing is easier than you think. It is a sport for all ages, skill, and fitness levels. Rowing provides many opportunities for those who are in the sport for fun, fitness, recreation and for those who are serious about becoming the best they can be through competition.
The club and our rowers regularly compete in regattas around Wellington and travel to Whanganui, Cambridge and Twizel. (Read more here)

If you are thinking about registering for yourself or your child, please do so now. We do have limited spaces as we can only put so many people out on the water, and supervise/coach them with a safety boat, at any one time.

There is no commitment to register – but this give us an idea for planning purposes. Unfortunately, there may not be room for all.

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