September 2022 Update

  • New Gym equipment
  • LTR Update
  • Masters LTR
  • Membership Application Form Live
  • Polly Wenlock Update
  • Club direction: Balance is Better

New Gym Equipment

The Club have purchased a leg press for the gym. A gym in Porirua was closing and this was an opportunity we couldn’t ignore. We’ve been watching Trade Me for over a year and paid $800 for this machine. Details here

LTR Update

Over 30 registered with more to come (they are just finishing winter sports). We’ve extended the LTR to 16 Oct, to cover school holidays. Someone will be there Sunday 9am, Mon-Thursday 5pm. The Heja app is working well for this new group.

Adult LTR

The Committee have approved a LTR for adults starting later next month. Those adults in the current LTR can join in (no extra charge) as we build up a squad for adults. We are looking at Sunday 9am, Tuesday and Thursday 5:30pm. This is an ideal chance for parents who are dropping their kids to get out and try something new as well. More details to come.

Membership Application Form Live

Apply here:

Subscriptions for the 2022-23 Season covers the period 1st Oct 2022 – 30th Sep 2023. 

Polly Wenlock

Read this update from Polly, recent PRC member, NZ U21 Rower and on a USA Rowing Scholarship. Polly Wenlock Update here.

Club direction: Balance is Better

The Committee voted to support the Sports NZ philosophy that Balance is Better.

What does this mean? It means people are not thrashed on the water and ergs, in the pursuit of winning races. It means giving people, especially young children, time to develop so that they want to keep coming back to rowing.

Success is measured in different ways

We want to make sure rowers have time to develop physically and mentally, and make a decision about performing at the higher levels, when they are ready.

Rowing NZ have their own guidelines on limits to training (below).

We have also written to Rowing NZ to ask for specific training programs so we know details of how much to do in a session, what type of training and why. We will be using this information to plan the Novice program this season.