Coastal Rowing Boats

Coastal rowing boats are a cross between flat water (fast) rowing boats, and Surf club boats.

In March this year the Porirua Rowing Club will have two of these boats available for use, thanks to the support of the NZCT. A 5-person quad (4 rowers and a coxswain) and a double (2 people). 

This new sport combines the physical benefits of rowing, with the fun of surf club boats. 

Rowing is great for:

– low impact aerobic and strength training

– recovery or rehabilitation from injuries

– Cross-training for your winter sport (because rowing uses every major muscle group)

– and getting to meet new people!

But rowing is dependant on flat water. This is why the arrival of coastal rowing boats is really exciting for those wanting to try a new sport.

With the new coastal boats, we will be able to:

– get more adults rowing

Rowing boats have a weight range, and most of our boats are targeted at school kids. The coastal boats can accommodate a wider weight range.

– attract younger rowers to coastal rowing, because the boats are easy to learn and able to surf waves

– allow current rowers to train more frequently, when the wind would normally rough up the water

– allow members to take the boats away to explore the lakes and coasts of New Zealand

– introduce athletes from Porirua to another Commonwealth and Olympic event that will allow them to compete internationally.

Coastal Rowing is a new and growing sport, which is now an event at the 2026 Commonwealth Games and likely to be at the 2028 Olympics Games. 

How do you give this new sport a go?

The Porirua Rowing Club ran a very successful adult (20yrs+) learn to row over December-Jan 2023. 

Next Sunday 29th Jan 2023, at 10 am we are starting another adult learn-to-row. We already have 15-20 adults from the December intake and a lot will be joining the Feb training as well.

Following the adult learn to row in Feb, we will have a large group of adults trained and ready to use both normal rowing and the new coastal rowing boats. 

Last Chance to Sign Up

We rely on volunteer coaches and have a limited number of rowing skiffs as well. With 5 days to go, we already have almost filled all available spots for the Feb 2023 course.

So if you want to give a new sport a go, from rowing to coastal rowing, then this is the last week to join the adult learn to row. You can read more and sign up here.

We apologise in advance if we are too full. Everyone will be confirmed for the Feb course this Saturday 28th Jan.

(Later in the year, we will be looking at engaging with schools and giving teachers and school kids a go as well.)

Still Not Sure?

Almost all the adults who have tried the learn to row have not been in a rowing boat before. This is a new sport for most people. Come down and ask them for yourself if you have any questions.

But if you are unsure if you will be able to get down regularly in February, please leave the spots for others until we do more courses later in the year.


PS Adults sign-up page for the Feb learn to row is here.

PSS Thanks again to the New Zealand Charitable Trust (NZCT) for supporting the Porirua Rowing Club and Coastal Rowing.

Images thanks to Swift Racing NZ, Row Coastal NZ and Karmyn Ingram Photography